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Accent BN791A Bassoon Feature Comparison

Accent Bassoon BN791A for Middle, High School and College Programs

A feature-by feature comparison between the Accent BN791A Performer series bassoon and comparable bassoons available from other manufacturers.

  Fox 41 Fox III Accent BN791A
Body Polypropylene Polypropylene ABS thin-wall
Key Material N. Silver N. Silver N. Silver
Key Finish Nickel Plated Silver Plated Nickel Plated
Tubes Metal Metal Rubber
High E Key N/A Optional Yes
High D Key Optional Yes Yes
D# Trill Yes Yes Yes
C# Trill Yes Yes Yes
Ring Key 3rd Finger N/A Yes Yes
Plateau Key 3rd Finger Yes Optional Yes
Rollers F, Ab, Eb, Db F, Ab, Eb, Db F, Ab, Eb, Db
Whisper Lock Optional Yes Yes
Body Lock Yes Yes Yes
Lining - Wing Yes Yes Yes
Lining - Boot Yes Yes Yes
Bb Guard Optional Yes Yes
Tenon Material String String Cork
Handrest Yes Yes Yes
Bocals 2 2 2
Case Cover Optional Optional Yes

*This comparison chart is for quick reference. Every effort has been made to be accurate and fair. However, specifications and features do change without notice.