Accent OB791G Oboe

Performer Series

  • A green product comprised of grenadilla wood material and epoxy. All of the sound properties of a wood instrument, but with dramatically less susceptibility to cracking in extreme weather conditions.
  • Nickel silver cap for lower joint, silver-plated nickel-silver keys, and synthetic pads all for superior durability and playability.
  • Full conservatory fingering system – all the options are included in this oboe.
  • Left hand F and F resonance keys.
  • Articulated C#, double G# and Eb keys, plus the third octave key all allow the performer greater agility and the potential for smoother finger movement.
  • Includes deluxe case with cordura case cover and shoulder strap.

Product Description

Accent Oboe OB791G FeaturesThe "A" key is the upper right hand side key, used to trill G#-A and Ab-Bb in the first and second octave (diagram #1).

The "B" trill key is used to trill A#-B in the first and second octaves (diagram #2).

The "banana" key is used as an alternative to the little finger key for C, and avoids sliding the little finger (diagram #3).

A larger opening in the right hand third finger key allows more resonance and better intonation (diagram #4).